• Elite Series

    Newly re-designed for 2013, the Elite series of high output alternators utilizes cutting edge 6 phase hairpin stator technology to create the most powerful overall output curves currently available in an automotive alternator. These units feature twin internal rectifier plates with finned heat sinks for excellent durability on daily driven vehicles.
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  • S Series

    Introduced in 2010, the S series family of alternators offers large case alternator performance in a compact package. Highly efficient, these 6 phase alternators use less horsepower per Kilowatt than conventional 3 phase alternators. 12 press fit diodes, twin rectifier plates, and highly efficient twin internal cooling fans make them durable in any...
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  • G Series

    The hugely popular G series of large case 3 phase alternators have been tried and true for over 15 years. These units offer excellent low RPM output, with 100,000 mile durability. The 270 amp versions of these units utilize custom designed solid copper rectifier plates with 6 or more press fit high amp diodes for outstanding durability in commercial or recreational vehicles.
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