250 Amp Black Billet High Output Alternator for GM 2 pin WITH RVC Bypass


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17 LBS

The Billet Elite series 250-amp alternator offers great amperage output and durability at a great price. 6 phase technology, combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 huge diodes make these alternators totally durable for daily use. These impressive alternators produce 180+ at engine idle RPM and 250+ amps at cruising speeds HOT RATED and the unit is equipped with a stock size pulley, so it installs with a factory length belt and is suitable for high RPM use.

This unit includes our single wire turn RVC bypass regulator and P103 module so it can be used in engine swaps where clearance behind the alternator is aided by a top/side mounted output stud. Great for getting the most looks and performance from your alternator!