E Series Billet 250 Amp Racing Alternator For C7 Corvette - Machined


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Most alternators are custom built to order. Standard build time is 2-3 weeks. If you need an alternator sooner than that, please contact a sales associate to see if any in-stock options are available.
18.00 LBS

The Elite series Large Case 250 amp alternator offers great amperage output and durability. 6 phase technology, combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 huge diodes make these alternators totally durable for daily driving and racing use. These impressive alternators produce 190+ amps at engine idle RPM and 250+ amps at cruising speeds(stock diameter crankshaft pulley) HOT RATED. This alternator is high RPM friendly while still offering plenty of output for a 1,500-2,000 watt audio system along with upgraded/extra fuel pumps and fans for aftermarket power adders.

This is a plug and play application where your factory length belt is used and has the factory 2pin style regulator found on all 2014-2019 C7 applications. If you wish to bypass the 2pin regulator that relies on the vehicles ECU to control voltage, please email us for a customized/higher/consistent voltage(very useful in motor swaps and computer tuning!). Simple, solid and RELIABLE.