E Series 370 amp Red Billet 96-04 GM Truck


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Most alternators are custom built to order. Standard build time is 2-3 weeks. If you need an alternator sooner than that, please contact a sales associate to see if any in-stock options are available.
17.00 LBS

Installation Notes:

This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75 inch diameter alternator pulley, and will require a slightly shorter drive belt for proper belt tension.  Not recommended for sustained use above 5,000 RPM engine speed.

E Series

Newly redesigned for 2020, The Elite series offers the highest possible amperage and durability available in a large case alternator. 6 phase technology combined with massive twin rectifier assemblies and 12 diodes makes these alternators totally durable for daily use, while still maintaining 200+ amps at engine idle speeds. Some models are available with adjustable voltage, ask a sales rep for more details.

Installation Notes:

This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75 inch diameter alternator pulley, and will require a slightly shorter drive belt for proper belt tension.

This unit may require a rectangle to oval adapter harness if the vehicle is equipped with the HD charging option from the factory. (not common)

CADILLACEscalade5.7 / 6.0 / 6.299-04370a
CHEVROLETAvalancheAll Engines02-04370a
CHEVROLETCamaro5.0 / 5.798-02370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado4.396-04370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado4.899-04370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado5.096-99370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado5.399-04370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado5.796-00370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado6.099-04370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado7.496-00370a
CHEVROLETFull Size Truck/Silverado8.101-05370a
CHEVROLETS-10 / Blazer 4.396-04 370a
CHEVROLETSSR5.3 / 6.003-06370a
CHEVROLETSuburbanAll Gas Engines96-04370a
CHEVROLETTahoe/Full Size BlazerAll Gas Engines 96-04370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra4.396-04370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra4.899-04370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra5.096-99370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra5.399-04370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra5.796-00370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra6.099-04370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra7.496-00370a
GMCFull Size Truck / Sierra8.101-05370a
GMCS-15 4.396-04370a
GMCSuburbanAll Gas Engines96-04370a
GMCYukonAll Gas Engines 96-04370a
PONTIACFirebird5.0 / 5.798-02370a

2 year performance guarantee.

The MechMan two year warranty applies to Mechman Alternators sold ON or AFTER 07/13/2011. This limited two year warranty allows the customer to return his or her MechMan alternator for repair for a full two years after the alternator purchase date. This warranty does not cover other parts or equipment on the vehicle, and does not cover labor for removal or installation of the alternator. This warranty is VOID if the MechMan alternator is modified, physically abused, misused, improperly installed, or is not used in the application for which it was designed. The MechMan two year warranty is non-transferrable. The customer must include a copy of the original invoice when sending in their alternator in order to receive warranty service. The customer is responsible for shipping the alternator to the Mechman facility for warranty service, Mechman will pay return shipping back to the customer for all alternators under warranty. As an added service, MechMan will also service any MechMan alternator of any age or condition for the cost of parts and return shipping. (We provide the labor to repair the alternator for free!)

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