250 amp Large Case H.O. Marine alternator for late model Ford T-mount engines


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18.00 LBS

This MechMan Marine certified Large Case H.O. 250 amp 6 phase alternator is a great upgrade for marine engines using the popular Ford / T-mount bolt pattern alternator on 6.2L Ford based V8 engines. The alternator comes with a simple plug and play adapter harness for a clean factory style installation.

This alternator will make an incredible 160+ amps at engine idle RPM, with full 250+ amp output at cruising RPM. The Elite series 250 amp unit features (12) diodes and twin coated rectifier plates for excellent durability and reduced corrosion. The included 8 groove serpentine pulley measures 2 inches in diameter. MechMan marine alternator housings are hard black anodized, THEN grey enamel coated to provide the best possible corrosion resistance. This unit meets or exceeds SAEJ1171, ISO 8846, and USCG Title 33 standards for ignition protection. All MechMan marine alternators are made in the USA, and feature a 1 year limited warranty.